Beverage Naming + Messaging

Various Clients

Chateau Ste Michelle Wine Estates: Treasured in the Pacific Northwest and throughout the world at both retail and culinary levels, Ste Michelle is still seeking out new opportunities in the  increasingly complex and evolving wine landscape. With well-named and messaged wine lines like Tenet, and independent bottle brands like Intrinsic, they're well positioned to compete.

Idyll Hounds Brewing Company: Before they became the 4th fastest growing small brewer in the country, Idyll Hounds was a new startup building a brewhouse and a brand at the same time. They needed names and packaging messaging for their first two beers that would cut through the craft clutter and still ring true for customers in their Florida Panhandle 'hood:

Divide n' Conch'r Double India Pale Ale

Man O' Wheat Unfiltered Wheat Ale